Proudly catering to the Chase County area.  620-794-5987.
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    “Chase County's Best Barbecue Catering.”

    Licensed by the State of Kansas

    Southfork Smokeshack LLC is the realization of a goal and a dream founded many years ago. For a number of years friends, family, and workplace associates have enjoyed the pleasing tastes that have come from our home kitchen. Along the way, many have suggested that maybe this hobby had potential to make a living. The fire began to smolder until it became a burning desire and today we have a business doing what we love to do – cook and watch people enjoy our efforts.

    Our mission is summed up in our tag line: “Proudly serving food that you’ll be proud to serve. It’s better than good."

    BBQ, barbecue, barbeque, bar-b-que, bar-b-q — no matter what you call it, Kansans know good cooking when they smell it. At Southfork Smokeshack we’ve had years of experience to cultivate our family recipes for the best in grilling and barbecuing… or is it barbequing? Spell it how you like, we know how to make it right! From our beef, poultry, and pork, to our sauce recipe, to our smoky flavor, you can’t go wrong with Southfork Smokeshack. We have some of the best food to ever come off the grill or out of a smoker. Our smokers are famous for the delicious smoky flavor they put into every bite of our succulent meats. You won’t regret visiting the Southfork Smokeshack, one of the best Kansas Barbecues.

    Our barbecue catering can provide your next event with smoky beef, poultry or pork. We will get our smokers going, ensuring we are barbecuing up some of the best Barbecue for you and your guests. We will take our barbeque fresh off the grill from our smokers and get it to your event hot and fresh. We take our grilling and barbequing seriously at the Southfork Smokeshack. And don’t forget our famous BBQ sauce. We also have our famous recipe bar-b-cue baked beans. You can try them in our regular barbeque or our spicy bar-b-que. Whatever you need for your event we can be sure to be barbecuing some of the best cooking in Chase County.

    One cannot live on barbeque alone. While we at the Southfork Smokeshack are proud of our delicious, fresh-from-the-smoker poultry, beef and pork, our smoky barbecue sauce, our classic bar-b-que beans recipe, or our other classic bar-b-q restaurant sides like smoked cheesy potatoes or coleslaw, we also offer traditional breakfast cooking. The same passion and care we put into our barbequing all of our meats goes right into our biscuits and sausage gravy or our homemade cinnamon rolls. While it might not be grilling or barbecuing it’s still good eating. Southfork Smokeshack hopes to be one of the best Kansas Barbecues. We love to grill and take care that the barbecue we serve is some of the best you can get. Whether you spell barbecuing, barbequing, BBQ or just call it plain ol’ grilling, we stand by our saying: “It’s better than good.” Need catering? Give us a call today at (620) 794-5987 or stop by our Strong City, Ks location at 304 S Cottonwood.  We're there Tue-Fri 11am-6pm.